I can’t imagine a Tempe without a Pete’s. Pete’s has been a part of everyone growing up in Tempe. I used to deliver the Tempe Daily News here & get 2 fish sandwiches for .25. When I got to high school, Pete’s was open all night. With the high school across the street, all Freshman & Sophomores would come here after dances. And I can’t believe an A.S.U. student has graduated with eating at Pete’s. You’re closing the old store but you can’t close the memories. There is now another generation eating at Pete’s. I’m sure the “new” Pete’s, serving the “old” Pete’s menu will be just as successful.

Good Luck & Best Wishes
Harry E. Mitchell
Former Tempe Mayor
US Congressman, representing Arizona’s 5th district

This was written on a napkin that was left on the lunch counter at our Tempe location which was located on Mill Ave.

October 1982

Good Ol’ Pete’s

When I thumbed into Tempe town
As hungry as an old stray hound,
Road-weary, worn and down on luck,
I had one penny and one buck.
I asked somebody where to go
To eat when you are short on dough,
The guy said, pal for solid eats
You ought to truck on down to Pete’s.
The fish and chips at Pete’s are great,
I darn near ate the friggin plate,
When it was time to pay the bill
I was short four pennies still.
The waiter said ain’t no big thing,
I figger you can pick and sing,
So man before you move along
Just sing me a four cent song.
Before I headed for a bar
I picked a song on my guitar,
Nothin’ fancy, down to earth,
This song is surely four cents worth.
There ain’t no place in town that beats
The price of chow at good old Pete’s.

Steve Harding

7 May 1992

This letter is to express my sincere deep appreciation for the courtesy, kindness and friendliness shown on the many occasions I have driven to Phoenix from Tucson. This Pete’s Fish and Chips is one of my favorites not only because of the neatness of the employees but because of the quality of the food. As I am originally from the Gulf Coast and am accustomed to sea food it is very difficult to find really good sea food in Arizona that does not cost a lot. This Pete’s Fish and Chips is the best I have found in Phoenix and I have visited several in the area.

Once again thank you for the quality of food and service provided the public Signed,

Alma L. Jones


Thanks so much for the T-shirts! Pete’s has played a significant role in the lives of our family and we always look forward to our first trip back. No matter how far afield our travels lead us, next to family and friends, Pete’s keeps our roots firmly planted in Mesa’s soil. Thoughts of a one-piece fish, monster burger no onions & a large Pepsi – all waiting for me - made life in South Eastern Afghanistan a little more bearable! It’s the small pleasures that keep us going! Thanks again and we’ll bring family pictures in our shirts in Japan when we come back this summer for vacation.

Warmest Regards,
Matt Boynton

Letter sent from South Eastern Afghanistan during the Iraq War

Happy 60th Anniversary

In the early 1950’s Pete’s Fish and Chips was across the street from Tempe Union High School on Mill Avenue. That was the place to go for lunch if you had .15 for chips. Us kids loved it there. (Babysitting paid a quarter an hour back then).

Pete’s had the best food in the world and the juke box played the best 2 songs of the time – LOUD. ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Billy Hailey and the Comets and ‘The Loveliest Night of the Year’ by Mario Lanza.

In the 50+ years since then I have never found anyplace with fish and chips as good as Pete’s.

Nancy Henry

Peoria, AZ

Pondering, thinking life is becoming insane, like 50 million kids screaming in my ears from the slightest of pain, breathing heavily, pissed off – depressed – you name it. I had it or I was doing it. I decided to take a drive in my brand new red Acura Integra my dad gave to me to me feel guilty. There I was a bad aura about me, I gave and received dirty looks from everybody. I was driving just for the hell of it, maybe I would find myself, I was confused. My girlfriend was on the rag, my parents and teachers were questioning my bad grades. Maybe I’ll just commit suicide. Drive my car off a bridge or something. They’ll all be sorry when I’m dead!! I thought. I’ll put all the guilt on their head. That will make me feel better. I kept driving though. My pride was too great. I came to Mill and decided to drive to the freeway, and test how fast I could drive my car into stuff, “like Mad Max in Road Warrior”. But I felt a strong magnetic pull right past the intersection of University and Mill. Something was calling me. A peculiar smell was in the air – something good. I was baffled. I heard good music. Good music always makes me happy. “Oh God should I stop!!” I was scared. I looked to my left – to my right I saw nothing. I turned around and went back – nothing – I still felt to pull – where is it!! I came around for another pass – there it was in bold red neon – Pete’s Fish & Chips

Fish oysters shrimp scallops – the whole shebang. Happiness rushed through my blood. A smile came over my face as I honked and cussed at the stupid cars next to me. I found it – Pete’s. The energy radiating was and still is unbelievable. This is such a strong vortex. Food packed and made with love and serenity. No one stole my energy at Pete’s. “Oh,” I said to myself, “there is a God!!”

Steve (who now believes) Johnson

It was on my birthday
And I had just one wish,
All I could think of
Was a platter of fish!
I saw scallops and oysters,
And shrimp galore;
And for my kid sister
Monster Burgers and more.
And Dad was real pleased;
Saved a five and ten.
We saved so much money,
We’ll come back again!
Proud I will be
To wear Pete’s shirt.
I’ll never take it off,
Even covered with dirt.

Eating here was great!! (again)

Trent Lowrance

Yo Pete,

Everytime I come in here I ask for you but you’re not around. This is a GRAVE situation, but your burgers are so deadly that I don’t mind. I sit about six feet from the door and it is Heavenly. People tell me your dead, but that’s what they say about Elvis. I saw him the other day. Maybe I’ll bring him in for lunch and you can join us.


P.S. Turn up the volume on the jukebox. Turn up so loud that it’ll wake the dead!!

Hola! Two young Tempe babes; long time Pete’s fans, ventured out to an eatery called “Pedro’s Fish and Chips’ in Mazatlan, Sinaba, Mexico. To their dismay, they found no trace of a Monster Burger, no shrimp, and chicken that would choke a javelin.

The bimbettes, doomed to a French Fry-less existence roaming the sun-drenched Pacific coast, closed their doe-like eyes, clicked their finely-shaped sandaled heels together and murmured, “There’s no place like Pete’s….There’s no place like Pete’s…There’s no place like Pete’s…”

Elena & Laura

My Grandpa Pete

Let me tell you about my Grandpa Pete
He was tall and very big. He’s a very handsome man.
He was a golfer and a basketball player and a good athlete.
Generous and loving and kind to everyone.
He told funny stories and made me laugh.
He’d play our piano when he’d come over for dinner then sit down in our lounge chair and fall asleep.
He like to call me on the phone and talk and he liked to play his favorite game, hot & cold.
He was a hunter and a fisherman and a collector of coins.
He always gave me money and once took me to Las Vegas.
He was proud that he served in the Navy and he was proud of me.
He’ll always be my Grandpa and I love him and miss him so.


Carly Adams
Pete’s Granddaughter
Age 12

My Grandfather, The Captain

My Grandfather Pete was a man of the Sea,
P.T. Boat 66 was his vessel and duty.
He commanded his crew with the might of a giant,
The obeyed him and respected him greatly.
World War II was the time that he served,
He felt honored and privileged to do so.
The world was at war, it was a scary time,
But Pete fought hard for his country.
The Sea became part of his being,
His love of its power always with him.
He boated, scuba dived, and fished,
The gentle Sea was always part of his pleasure.
Pete founded a fish empire of sorts,
Pete’s Fish & Chips was begun in ’47.
A family business, a gift to his children,
Even his work was tied to the Sea.
My memories of my Grandpa will always be with me,
His War stories burned a place in my memory.
He was taken from us far too soon I’m afraid,
At the hands of a madman, a stranger.
Each time I have a vision of the Sea,
I imagine my Grandpa the Captain.
His soul lives on inside my heart,
He was a man of the Sea, just like me.


Justin M. Foster
Pete’s Grandson
Age 14

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